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    Lothar Senke case 1020 counterfeits of Alberto Giacometti
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    Specialist in Rodin, Claudel, Giacometti ...

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The virtues of ancient glues

In this article, the author discusses ‘glues’, a significant element of the fabrication and preservation in gilding and cabinetmaking. He first explains the virtues of ancient glues such as rabbit skin glue (which is becoming popular again), fish glue (mainly used for Boulle inlays that do not exist anymore), the ephemeral success of synthetic glues (standard Araldite, neoprene contact glue, vinyl glue) and finishes with the comment that, currently, the best solution is a strong glue made from protein fibres extracted from the bones and nerves of cows. Revue Experts […]

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Gilding techniques

All that glitters is not gold… Gilding is the application of gold to wood, metal, glass or ceramic. Frauds are numerous and a purchaser should be extremely prudent when buying, hence the interest of this article… Revue Experts n°1 – 03/1988 © Revue Experts   Gold has fascinated since the beginning of human kind. Its glitter under sunlight never tarnishes, it is unalterable when exposed to air, resistant to all acids (except aqua regia); it appears to defy both man and time. Its exceptional qualities, allied with its astonishing ductility […]

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Expert assessments of the work of Diego Giacometti

One year younger than Alberto, Diego Giacometti distinguished himself by producing bronze furniture animated by figurines. His work, while in the same movement as that of his brother, is completely independent. From the 1950s, using potter’s clay, plaster or bronze, he gave life to a bestiary marked by poetic naivety, the humour of which, in the poses adopted by the small animals, in no manner neglected the elegance of the forms. Overloaded with work, Diego Giacometti did not keep any written registers, orally managing the numerous orders placed with him […]

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