Research Laboratory of historical monuments

The research laboratory of historical monuments, abbreviated by the LRMH acronym, is a multidisciplinary research unit, a service of the sub-department of historical monuments, managed by the Directorate General of Heritage under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.
It is responsible for the scientific study of materials that are the heritage, both movable and frame (wood, stone, glass, metal, paint, textile, etc.), different phenomena that can alter, and techniques to maintain, restore and enhance it. Located in the castle of Champs-sur-Marne, where he now occupies an area of 1500 m2. It includes seven sections: stone, stained glass, murals, polychrome painted caves, textile, metal, microbiology. The team includes engineers, technicians, photographers, librarians and secretaries.

Improper conservation, restorations and alterations of furniture

The restoration of furniture as understood today is different to that practised in the previous century and even more different to that of the preceding centuries. Through a brief history, the author retraces the evolution in mentalities, its causes and consequences. La revue Experts n° 56 – 09/2002 © Revue Experts   The restoration of works of art has considerably changed over the second half of the 20th century. In relation to furniture, the subject of discussion in this article, the current rules help both the expert and the court […]

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The value of stamped furniture

Using three specific examples, the author retraces the history of stamps, including their counterfeits and detection. We also discover the Jasmin stamps, a commode by Bernard van Risen Burgh that is unfortunately in the United States and another Riesener that was able to be brought back from London to Versailles. La revue Experts n° 55 – 06/2002 © Revue Experts   Article 36 of the ‘new’ Community of Joiners and Cabinetmakers Law of 1743, in force only in 1751, provided that “each master cabinetmaker will be required to have his […]

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